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Below is the list of multi-day programs offered by Acharya Shunya. Please also visit our Events page for additional short retreats and workshops.

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Wisdom School Online Courses

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As you look around in Spring you will notice everything around you undergoing a renewal - grass, birds, animals, buds, flowers. It is the law of nature that Spring is the best time for renewal and cleanse. We invite you to join our three week detox program and come out of the season stronger with increased immunity and relief from allergies. 


The 5000-year-old Indian science of Ayurveda provides targeted beneficial foods and immunity-boosting lifestyle recommendations that reduce toxins and weight accumulated over the winter season. Changing your habits for just one season can have a profound impact on your health and well-being for the rest of the year. 


The self-paced 100% online Alchemy through Ayurveda course is an invitation to journey deep into yourself by fully learning and implementing the sacred knowledge passed down from her distinguished lineage of master teachers of Ayurveda, Vedanta, and Yoga, who hail from the holy city of Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India.


With over 120 hours of course content, Acharya Shunya grounds you in the essence of your being, from which springs abiding health and happiness.


Payment plans are available!


This Alchemy through Ayurveda introduction course offers you the opportunity to meet our teacher and become acquainted with the unique material in the course.

In this five video series you will meet Acharya Shunya, learn the benefits of Ayurveda, as well as understand how this traditional model is different from others and what to expect in the course. 


Each of the 18 video classes will teach you how to grow your own food, flowers, spices, and herbs so you can cultivate health from your own garden, backyard, balcony or back porch.


Enjoy coordinating recipe PDFs — recipes not found in Shunya’s best-selling Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom book. 

This course is FREE with enrollment to the Alchemy through Ayurveda Course. 


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The Vedic Way is a global ongoing membership community where Acharya Shunya unfolds paradigm shifting teachings from the heart of her own lineage and the ancient yet wonderfully alive Vedic tradition from India, encompassing the disciplines of Ayurveda, Yoga and Advaita.


Live weekly sessions, conscious community, recordings library and more support students as they awaken to a whole new level of wellbeing, joy and authenticity. 

You can now join us for one complimentary month as our guest. Click below for more details.

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This special course was recorded live from a once-in-a-lifetime retreat with Acharya Shunya and assistant teacher Aparna Amy Lewis.  With over 30 hours of sacred goddess storytelling, goddess symbolism, yogic practices, somatic processes, meditations, mantra, and deep transmissions, these teachings will invoke 9 goddess archetypes in your life.  Clear guidance and practical “how-to’s” support your journey as you heal your psyche to reveal and honor your inner divine goddess nature.  Acharya Shunya considers Honor the Goddess Within to be her most subtle and profound goddess teachings. 


“This series of videos are exceptional.  Perhaps never before and never afterwards will I teach at this depth, this rawness, and this uninhibited transparency. You shall feel like you have descended into the heart of my divine feminine teachings.” - Acharya Shunya 


The consciousness-shifting companion program to Acharya Shunya's book, Sovereign Self, offers wisdom teachings and integration exercises to help students reclaim their Soul Power.
This 12-week online course helps students master their thoughts and emotions, make conscious decisions in relationships and life choices, and shift their paradigm to that of Sovereignty. Learn alongside Acharya Shunya and other global seekers as you return to joy and freedom.

Payment plans are available!


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Join us for a transformative 4-week online course where we hear captivating stories of Goddess Saraswati and understand how relationships can become powerful avenues for us to wake up to our greatest potential. Led by renowned Vedic teacher Acharya Shunya, this course not only unpacks for you the deeper meaning of Love, but opens new perspectives on relationships through teachings on Karma.


Are you seeking a profound shift in your attitude and subconscious beliefs to unlock greater abundance, wealth, and material fulfillment in your life? Join us for a transformative 4-week online course where we delve into the wisdom of the ages and empower you to embrace a goddess blessed perspective on wealth manifestation.

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This experiential workshop is for you if want to give your  health and wellbeing a spiritual jumpstart. Teachings and transmissions in this workshop shall bring replenishment to your body, mind and soul and will empower you from within, connecting you with self-reverence, deep rest, self reflection and soul-relaxation. 



The Yoga Sutras were written by Sage Patanjali 2,000 years ago. This course explores Yoga Sutra Vedic Philosophy and is for beginners and teachers alike. This ancient text reveals a definitive and systematic path to spiritual liberation through the practices of meditation and renunciation. ​This masterclass includes 4 video classes on Meditation & Yoga Fundamentals and a Sanskrit translation PDF. Studying The Yoga Sutras with a master Vedic teacher such as Acharya Shunya has the power to illuminate your entire being and change the course of your life forever.


This course is FREE with enrollment to the Alchemy through Ayurveda Course. Prior experience not required.​



The Sanctuary is a three-hour Online Workshop Series taught by renowned Ayurveda teacher and bestselling author: Acharya Shunya. Each Sanctuary takes a deep dive into nuanced aspects of the topic of that day. An immersion experience is created where the teacher can impart subtle knowledge from varying perspectives (body and psycho-spiritual) and the participants can feel held so they not only learn the knowledge but can also embody it. 

Originally these workshops were an exclusive offering to Acharya Shunya's  year-long self-healing program called Alchemy Through Ayurveda. In 2023 Acharya Shunya will open the Sanctuary to the wider public. She wants her pioneering teachings on Ayurveda lifestyle medicine to awaken health and wellbeing and reach more people across the globe.

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Join Acharya Shunya for a 9-day Navratri program of self-discovery and connection to the Divine Feminine through Goddess Durga, Lakshmi, and Saraswati. Experience daily audio transmissions, meditation, and teachings, that foster inner reflection and spiritual growth. Additionally, a Navratri Sadhana course offers ayurvedic wisdom for those seeking to deepen their experience.

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Ayurveda specializes in a unique approach to self-manage our thoughts and change the quality of our mind-based awareness from one that is stuck in depression, anxiety, grief, loneliness and emotional stress to one that is illumined, enabled and intelligent. It emphasizes emotional balance, spiritual development as well as physical balance.

Sunday, October 29, 2023


The Bhagavad Gītā is a 700-verse conversational poem originally written in Sanskrit by the Vedic sage, Vyasa. The title translates to "Song of the Spirit."


It contains a collection of timeless spiritual lessons applicable to people of all ages, backgrounds and faiths. 

Join Acharya Shunyaas she reveals the precious and profound teachings of the enlightened Vedic sages who composed this scripture, unpacking each verse of the sacred text with depth and care. 

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