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Break Free of Shame, Blame, Anxiety & Compulsions


Experience The  Sovereign Self Paradigm

A 12-Week Online Inner Transformation Program With Acharya Shunya


Do you know there’s a part of you that is never  caught up in the drama, struggles, fears and sorrows of the mind? 


This course, based upon the nondual (Advaita Vedanta) teaching of Vedic scholar, author and lineage ordained master teacher Acharya Shunya,  teaches you how to access THAT part, which is forever sovereign. When you learn to access this part of you called the SELF, you will gain nine spiritual abilities that belong to the Self. Each of those abilities or powers shall redefine your being and transform your life and relationships, through sheer awareness. When we  recognize our essential nature as Self, which is unlimited, unbounded and forever free awareness; our lives change, that very instant.


This course facilitates multiple levels of  awakening by self-enquiring and self-witnessing; no experience, religious background, or practice is necessary.


"For a while, my mind was plunged in the depths of darkness, devastated from sorrowful relationships, despairing from the sudden deaths of people I loved, and disheartened by the shocking curve balls that life can throw our way.

Yet despite everything—even losing my sense of worth for a short time along the way—here I am. I feel the power, wholeness, and joy of being alive! These are not mere words. This is my visceral experience of my own self-worth after I regained connection to the  Sovereign Self within me,  to write my life script anew. I don’t regret my learning curve, my mistakes in the past. I am proud to be mentally and spiritually sovereign today, and you can be too.

I am confident,  that  if you take this course with me, you too will learn to access your true Self, that part of you that is forever sovereign, emotionally and spiritually speaking. You will finally begin leading the life you were always meant to lead: as the sovereign master or mistress of your own mind, desires and destiny.

Absolute authority over your inner world is your spiritual birthright. This course will give you the tools to begin leading a sovereign life." 

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Do your thoughts trap you in spirals of anxiety, fear or worry? Are you bound by relationships and life situations that cause suffering? Does it feel like you have limited options available to change or reinvent your life?


Your highest path – should you decide to walk it – is to  become the sovereign seer of your own mind, by unveiling the nine dimensions of your true Self, that shall help you experience authentic emotions, and begin living a life of joy and empowered sovereignty.


In a mere 12 weeks, Acharya Shunya will guide you through a step-by-step process of awakening practices that will help you uncover nine unique abilities of your true Self.  Enjoy your empowered, inwardly free and ultimately sovereign Self in life and in relationships.

“Know how infinitely whole, powerful, joyful, and ultimately free you are beyond your struggling personality. I invite you to meet your sovereign Self.” 

                       - Acharya Shunya


  • Meet and explore the nine dimensions of your Sovereign Self

  • Differentiate between conditional feelings and behavior and those that express your true Self

  • Cultivate the one desire that leads you back home to the Self

  • Adopt a time-tested 3-part framework to practice and maintain sovereignty 

  • Create your own personalized roadmap from the knowledge you've gained