Spring Renewal With Ayurveda

Reset with a guided home detox and relieve spring allergies


Experience the Holistic Ayurvedic Spring Renewal and detox!

This amazing 2-week program brings to you authentic ancient 5000+ year old Ayurvedic recommendations and recipes that you can incorporate today into your modern lifestyle. You will be amazed at the results and the changes you will experience!

Just as the weather changes in nature, our body, too, undergoes internal changes from season to season. Ayurveda sages observed these changes in nature and discovered principles to help us live in harmony with seasonal changes. One of their discoveries was that our digestive capacity is the best in the winter season, and it decreases as the heat outside increases. 


It is therefore highly recommended to detoxify your entire system in the spring season. Spring is a time when a lot of people suffer from allergies. We are often led to believe that allergies are something that happens to us due to the pollen or fresh-cut grass or the blooming flowers outside that irritate our noses and make us feel so uncomfortable. While those external forces may contribute to inflammation, Ayurveda believes that ‘allergies’ are understood as being a manifestation of weak digestive capacity - not as something with external origins. By improving our digestion, we improve our body’s ability to resist those outside influences. 


Indeed, in Ayurveda, we learn that we are deeply interconnected with the natural world around us. And the good news is that learning ancient methods to live in harmony with nature is the best way to not only counteract, but actually prevent seasonal afflictions like allergies and build your health throughout the year.

This Course Will Help You

Improve Immunity


Eliminate Toxins


Improve Vitality


Improve Digestion


Support  Weight loss

Calm Your Mind

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$249 *

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What’s Included

  • 5 video classes led by best-selling author Acharya Shunya that provide you with a complete solution to Spring lifestyle 

  • Downloadable 36-page Say Goodbye to Spring Allergies with Ayurveda eBook featuring 25+ Ayurvedic spring friendly recipes from Chef Sanjai based on 100% classical Ayurveda 

  • Three LIVE Zoom Sessions and community support circles

  • Guided Detox protocol based on authentic Ayurvedic principles

  • Detox recipes that you can apply to your lifestyle

  • Special pranayama practices

  • Access to private Facebook community group that gives you access to interact with your teachers and students

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone wanting to cleanse your system with a healthy, time-tested detox option 

  • Anyone who struggles with persistent seasonal allergies ​​

  • Anyone against pharmaceuticals looking for a safe, 100% natural, and affordable option to boost their immune system​​

  • Anyone who wants to lose the few extra winter pounds​​

  • Anyone who often has itching in their mouth and throat​​

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to use Ayurvedic at-home remedies to enhance their lives

How the course will Unfold

​Upon Signup

  • Receive the welcome email

  • Watch the welcome video

  • Join our Facebook Support Group

Day 0 - April 16th 9AM PDT - Course Starts

  • Join the Welcome Session online on  Zoom

  • Meet your teachers

  • Get your detox shopping list

  • Settle in 

  • Recording available for those who cannot attend live

​Day 1 - April 17th

  • Get access to all course videos

  • Get access to all course recipes

  • Watch at your own pace 

  • Facebook Group support now available

  • Incorporate your learnings - share on facebook!

Day 7 - April 23rd 9AM PDT - Detox Protocol

  • Join our online Zoom 

  • Get details of detox protocol

  • Detox on 27th, 28th, 29th

  • Recording available for those who cannot attend live

Day 11 - April 27th 6PM PDT - Zoom Community Circle

  • Join our online Zoom 

  • Get support during detox

  • Ask your questions

  • Recording available for those who cannot attend live

Day 14 - April 30th 9AM PDT -  Closing

  • Join our online Zoom 

  • Community shares

  • Recording available for those who cannot attend live

$249 *

early bird pricing has ended

 *get a free kindle copy of Best selling Acharya Shunya’s Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom book