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4-week immersion program 

By Acharya Shunya

Spiritual Teacher, Ayurvedic Healer & Three Times Best-Selling Author

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Roaring Health & Wellbeing Program

Are you someone who is seeking to experience and explore new ways of living through the path of healing?


Then embark on a journey with us to awaken your health by indulging in a 4-week immersion program with the acclaimed ayurvedic healer and best-selling author: Acharya Shunya.

Awaken your health on the path of healing by

finding your inner self!

Caring for your mind, body, and soul is essential for a fulfilling and balanced life. Healing yourself is a significant path that shouldn’t be compromised. Making your health a priority is the first step toward true wellbeing.

Come along on a new and invigorating journey to begin a fresh start in life. Whatever the reason, let Acharya Shunya, a traditional ayurveda healer, master teacher, and three times best-selling author, help you achieve a state of peacefulness and serenity.

Begin the journey of healing and make peace with your inner turmoil in an effective way.

This Exclusive Online Program Includes

  • Live weekly lessons from Acharya Shunya will be taught over a period of 4 consecutive weeks.

  • Live weekly classes and contemplation circles led by assistant teacher, Atma Jyoti Marcus Rogers.

  • Course Library featuring Goddess meditations and practices to help you connect with the Goddess every day; contemplations, worksheets, and journal prompts to support your healing journey; and recordings of live classes and community circles.

  • A vibrant private online community.  Give and receive support and joy with like-minded fellow seekers.

  • Exclusive goddess ceremonies, meditations, mantras, and mudra guidance.


Weekly live teaching by Acharya Shunya and Team


Private Online Community


Access to Audio/Video Library of Recording


Q & A Sharing Opportunities

This Workshop Is The Best Decision For You, If You Are:

  • Stuck in life and now contemplating trying more holistic approaches.

  • Dealing with chronic health challenges, including constant fatigue, tiredness, and pain.

  • Constantly struggling with mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

  • Diagnosed with any chronic or terminal conditions.

  • Feeling blue and fatigued from the mundane routine of life, including fast food intake and the latest fad diets.

  • Ready to be free from spiritual darkness and break off any negativity within their thoughts.

  • Thinking of exploring and understanding new pathways to upscale the current health and gain wellbeing.

  • Curious about Ayurveda as a source of wellness and holistic care for your inner and outer self.

  • Students and practitioners of Ayurveda who wish to witness a glimpse of the spiritual perspective as part of their study or for future endeavors.