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Honor the Goddess Within

with Acharya Shunya

Claim Your Sacred Feminine Power,
Live Authentically, Love Yourself

Self Paced Online Goddess Journey

Discover and Honor Your Inner Goddess 

Master Spiritual Teacher, Acharya Shunya has been teaching and leading in-person Goddess Retreats for over a decade. It is Acharya Shunya's sincere belief that anybody and everybody can benefit from the goddesses.

In the Fall of 2021, during a global pandemic, she led a very special multi-day online Honor the Goddess Within immersion retreat. During this powerful retreat, Acharya Shunya, supported by assistant teacher Aparna Amy Lewis, led multiple daily classes and community circles. Over the course of 9 days and 9 nights, an international community of seekers from 6 continents connected to their Inner Goddess. 

Through sacred storytelling, somatic process work, exploring psychological archetypes and goddess symbolism, ancient yogic practices, meditations, chanting, and community gatherings, people from all walks of life found the source of their own inner divine feminine power. 

Since this retreat, participants have continued to deepen their connection with these teachings - rewatching again and again, integrating these practices into their everyday lives. 

We have now released the recordings of this historic retreat as the Honor the Goddess Within with Acharya Shunya Online Course.  We invite you to experience this very special journey to your inner Goddess. 
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Meet the Goddess

The Vedas tell us how to connect with the Goddess within. SHE is known as Shakti. Shakti can be described as Power, Force and Feminine Energy. She is the life force of everything and everyone. In this course, we contemplate upon and connect with 9 forms or avatars of Shakti.

When Goddess Shakti is recalled in the mind, hidden spiritual vibrations become activated in our body-being.  The Goddess nurtures and protects, and when we focus on Her, we unlock our own divine potential. This will inspire our inner strength to rise against all challenges, unearth buried creativity, and unleash emotional resilience. 

Awaken Your Power

Acharya Shunya's Goddess teachings touch the heart of all beings yearning for spiritual wholeness. If you are tired of engaging in the same patterns in your life and you are ready to make internal shifts, and allow more divine love, spiritual abundance and happiness into your heart, this transformative course is for you.  

Over the course of 9 Modules, you will mindfully connect to your highest Self, who is one with the Goddess.  Each module features over 3 hours of teachings and practices to invoke, explain, and experience each avatar of the goddess. Each goddess is invoked with traditional stories (called Katha) and her sacred archetype and symbolism revealed by Acharya Shunya.  You will learn about each of these goddess archetypes and their significance for your own psychological wellbeing with Assistant Teacher Aparna Amy Lewis.  

To have a lived experience of these goddesses, you will learn subtle yogic knowledge of chakras, elemental theory, mantra, mudra and asana, and breathwork practices called pranayama.  The Shakti Soma Goddess Retreat Guidebook by Acharya Shunya, as well as guided meditations, somatic experiences, ayurvedic recipes, contemplation and journal prompts, and Q&A’s from other seekers like you, further evoke the Goddess Within.

With lifetime access to digital recordings, you can return to these goddess teachings again and again, to shine more and more from within. 

Transform Your Life

Acharya Shunya has been leading Goddess Retreats for over a decade.  We are delighted to share that past participants have experienced many divinely inspired benefits from this course.

Participants report many powerful shifts in their life. From stepping into their true power, dropping into their heart, and feeling previously hidden self-love, seekers have experienced lasting change.

Participants share they have been able to release past trauma and reclaim their self-esteem. They have "detoxified" from negative emotions, changed poor habits, and even dropped addictions.

This powerful retreat also improves patterns of communication and helps seekers enjoy renewed relationships with self and others.

After this retreat, you will have all the tools you need to make a personal powerful transformation to shine like the Goddess within.

What Makes This Course Special

  • This goddess course is not all talk! Its emphasis is on the practical application of embodying these teachings. With transformative storytelling, spiritual practices, guided meditations, healing contemplations, uplifting mudras, and expansive pranayamas, you will experience a one-of-a-kind immersive journey into the deepest intimacy possible with your core nature.  

  • Seekers will meet three Goddess Archetypes: Durga, Lakshmi, Saraswati and their nine manifestations. Each is a catalyst of awakening - ancient guardians of the Sacred Feminine, and your Soul’s guides.

  • Despite your busy life you can tend your inner flame by leveraging this self-paced course. Return to this course after a full day of work, or a hectic week, and you will engage in a deep heart space of restfulness in the divine. Retouch the power of infinite possibility within you and engage the truth of who you are at your core. The no- pressure self-paced option shall connect you with Divine Presence with ease.  Let go, rest in the deep, and allow a gentle transformation to transpire within you.

  • In this beautiful course you will be immersed and nourished in the abundance of feminine divinity, mantras, storytelling and yogic mystical practices that Acharya Shunya offers so naturally. In addition to Acharya Shunya's goddess invocation, assistant teacher Aparna also facilitates deep insights through goddess symbolism, somatic processes, and inner contemplations to honor your own inner goddess.

  • It’s the perfect course to deeply relax, open your heart, enjoy new insights and grow into the goddess version of you!

9 Facets of Your Inner Goddess