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About the Podcast

This podcast is for all who would like to learn how to integrate and infuse nondual Vedic (Ayurveda, Vedanta, and Yoga) wisdom into their own lives. On the show, I'll be exploring the universal coexistence of light and darkness within each and every one of us. I'll share real-life stories and we'll explore concepts surrounding non-dual spirituality, relationships, existential question marks, consciousness, karma, dharma, moksha and more. I'll also have guests on occasion, where we'll have deep conversations that will open your heart to a higher dimension of consciousness and instill empowerment and freedom.

"It is comforting and powerful to know even a spiritual teacher has human, every day emotions and experiences. Thank you for being real and showing me how to be accepting of myself and to remember that the shadow self is not all that I am even when it seems that way. That there is a light, Divine part of me waiting to rescue me. I will sit today, on a rainy day, and let this podcast wash over me. Thank you, thank you."

- Heather Davis, CA

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