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Acharya Shunya is a truth-teller who facilitates authenticity, self-remembrance, and divine feminine pathways to awakening.
The first female head of her spiritual lineage that traces its roots to 2,000-year-ago in India, the imparter of goddess archetype theory as a pathway to soul-ascension, Shunya reinterprets and re-contextualizes ancient Vedic wisdom and dharma teachings of Advaita Vedanta (nondual teachings), Ayurveda's lifestyle wisdom and Yoga scriptures, to create a learning and awakening path for contemporary seekers, empowering people everywhere to lead spiritually  fearless, fulfilled and enlightened lives. Her teachings acts like a bridge between ancient wisdom and issues faced by modern humans, today.

Acharya Shunya is the author of two bestselling books Ayurveda lifestyle Wisdom (2017), Sovereign Self (2020) and her newest book is coming out in September 2022 by Sounds True,  Roar Like a Goddess: Every Woman's Guide to Becoming Unapologetically Powerful, Prosperous, and Peaceful. In this book, Acharya Shunya honors her progressive Vedic roots while breaking the shackles of tradition to bring modern-day women, an inclusive, feminist spirituality.

Known for her unique and revolutionary perspectives,  recontextualizing of ancient wisdom and retelling of Hindu goddess mythology that have enlightened tens of thousands of students worldwide, Acharya Shunya does not hesitate to address issues like patriarchy, sexism, racism, religious bigotry, urban alienation,  estrangement from soul, emotional suppression and numbing and other  suffering arising patterns.

Acharya Shunya is the founder of The Awakened Self Foundation - a learning, empowering and awakening platform headquartered in Northern California. The Foundation makes Acharya Shunya's teachings in Ayurveda, Yoga, Adwaita and Vedic Divine Feminine goddess archetypes available  worldwide, through live-streamed online and onsite classes, workshops, retreats, and a vibrant subscription based  membership program The Vedic Way supporting  seekers learn, embody and awaken with Vedic wisdom, to a whole new level of wellbeing, joy and authenticity, in community with like minded seekers from across the globe. 

Acharya Shunya has taught at Kripalu, Ram Dass's Be Here Now Foundation, SHIFT network,, California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), Sivananda Ashram’s and yoga conferences worldwide, Stanford University, UCSF, UCLA, amongst others. 

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When the student is ready

Acharya Shunya awakens and enlightens people from all walks of life. She is regarded as a ‘teacher’s teacher’, whose sheer presence and deep teachings transformative wisdom initiates long-time seekers into a deeper inquiry, facilitating paradigm shifts and inward movement towards the final journey of awakening to the higher 'Self' within. This Self recognition invokes and with it, dharma, peace, truth, peace and divinity, revealing the abiding state of pure consciousness, immortal existence and lasting inner joy.

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California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) awarded the Haridas and Bina Chaudhuri Distinguished Service Award to Acharya Shunya  on May 7, 2016 for her extraordinary achievement as a Vedic scholar and practitioner. The event was held at Crowne Plaza, Foster City.

CIIS President at that time, Joseph Subbiondo heartfully acknowledged Acharya Shunya’s work in promoting the Vedic sciences and her groundbreaking efforts and shining light on health and consciousness with her books and teachings on Ayurveda, Vedanta and Yoga.

Award being presented by Board Trustees Prasak Kaipa and Ricki Pollycove, MD.

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