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Who We Are

The Awakened Self Foundation, LLC, is a learning, empowering and awakening platform forwarding the timeless Vedic teachings that enable all humans to attain their full potential as healthy, authentic and awakened beings.


Our explicit mission of empowering health & elevating consciousness is achieved through dissemination of the authentic wisdom of Vedic traditions of Ayurveda, Yoga and Adwaita (nonduality) in a language accessible to the global audience of today. These teachings are disseminated via online and onsite classes, workshops, retreats, live streams and a vibrant community of seekers worldwide, encouraged to ponder the deeper knowledge and live it every day. 


Our courses and training  support the emergence of radical personal wellbeing and health. Studying these teachings in our courses also forwards the evolution of the individual and collective consciousness, ushering a greater planetary awakening.


Our international headquarters is located in San Francisco, Bay Area, California, 

United States.


For queries, connections and global collaborations, send us an email at 

acharya shunya, master spiritual teacher, ayurveda course
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