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Online: Sovereign Self Paradigm:
A 12-Week Inner Transformation Course
Begins February 26
This course, based upon the nondual (Advaita Vedanta) teachings of  Acharya Shunya,  imparts tools on how to access THAT part, which is forever sovereign. When you learn to access this part of you , you will gain nine spiritual abilities or powers that shall redefine your being and transform your life and relationships. No experience, religious background, or practice is necessary.
Residential Program
Shakti: Awakening The Divine Feminine Power Within 
March 10 to March 12, 2023
Gain a deeper understanding of Shakti, the divine feminine
Discover and connect with her presence and her myriad goddess avatars
Access your strengths, latent powers, and hidden abilities
Experience empowerment, relaxation, and restoration from within.
Residential Program
At Sivananda Bahamas 
April 13 to April 16
Topics Include:
The World is One Family: The Way Forward in a Divided World; Health Enhancing Rituals, Foods, and Lifestyle Practices From Ayurveda; Moksha and Perfect Health: A Classical Ayurvedic Perspective; Health Enhancing Rituals, Foods, and Lifestyle Practices From Ayurveda; Thus, Spoke the Sages: Ayurveda, Environment, and Dharma and Health Enhancing Rituals, Foods, and Lifestyle Practices From Ayurveda
Keynote Speaker
Sedona Yoga Festival 
April 27 to April 30
This is the fourth time in a row Acharya Shunya has been invited to inaugurate the Sedona Yoga Festival with her keynote on opening night. SYF has, over the past decade, been a pioneer in what a mindful event can look like — and as they look towards the future, they are once again leading the way in imagining what is possible for our community.
Online: Roaring Health and Wellbeing: A 4-Week Course 
Begins May 3, 6 PM to 7.30 PM PT
This experiential workshop is for you if want to give your  health and wellbeing a spiritual jumpstart. Teachings and transmissions in this workshop shall bring replenishment to your body, mind and soul and will empower you from within, connecting you with self-reverence, deep rest, self reflection and soul-relaxation. 
Residential Program:
Roar Like a Goddess
Learning, Embodying & Awakening Shakti Within 
July 9 to July 14, 2023
Access the divine feminine and discover your authentic, fearless self with Vedic scholar Acharya Shunya, author of Roar Like a Goddess.
Online: Roaring Relationships and Self: A 4-week Course 
September 6 to October 10
You can turn around your darkest and most challenging one's, with wisdom that is deeply feminine and alchemical in nature. Yes, there is hope, don't give up as yet!
Online:Roar Like A Goddess: Insights to Unlock Your Divine Feminine Power 
January 16, 2023 @ 5 PM PST | 8 PM EST
The ancient Vedic tradition of India, which has given birth to the lofty spiritual disciplines of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Adwaita believes that every being of every gender, binary and non-binary, is the bearer of divine feminine power known as Shakti. 
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