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Karma, Destiny and The Path of Karma Yoga

In this illuminating series of teachings by Vedic master teacher, lineage holder and bestselling author Acharya Shunya, you will gain a clear understanding of the spiritual Laws of Karma that govern how and why your soul transmigrates from one body to another

This series
of Satsangas are part of the Yoga Vacation Program at the Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas. 

March 11 — 14, 2024
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Ayurveda Guided Spring Detox

Discover the purifying, accelerating, and rejuvenating benefits of Ayurveda by joining celebrated Ayurveda teachers and lifestyle experts Acharya Shunya and Chef Sanjai for this 5-day spring detox.

In this program, you will eat delicious detox recipes, chutneys, teas, and sherbet prepared by acclaimed Ayurvedic Chef Sanjai. Renowned Ayurveda teacher Acharya Shunya will show you how to support your detox with herbs, garden remedies, and nature’s goodness. Most importantly, you will feel 100% supported with community encouragement, check-ins and shares. 


Located at the Sivananda Ashram in the Bahamas. 

March 11 — 15, 2024
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