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Ishani Lauren Naidu holds the role of Program Director for The  Vedic Way - Acharya Shunya’s global wisdom classroom for learning, embodying and awakening to a whole new level of wellbeing, joy and authenticity. In this capacity, Ishani coordinates teachers and themes for each month and supports members of the platform as they immerse themselves in the circular curriculum. 


Ishani also supports Acharya Shunya’s Sovereign Self Paradigm course as second teacher. Communicating with students of this course and facilitating weekly exercises and discussions in the live Assimilation Circles, Ishani has the privilege of engaging with global seekers on this time-tested path to inner sovereignty. 

Ishani immersed herself in the Vedic path and quest for the true Self under her teacher Acharya Shunya’s guidance, via a deeply held, one on one mentoring and grooming process, and study of source texts beginning in 2009. In the process, Ishani uncovered hidden facets of human psychology, from original Vedic source texts and classical non-dual Vedanta texts. Her study included Yoga for Atmabodha training and meditation from Acharya Shunya’s lineage, Gayatri mantra based meditation and spiritual practices, and daily sadhana of meditation and a commitment to lead a contemplative dharma-based way of life. 

Alongside her spiritually steeped scriptural studies in Vedic spirituality, Ishani gained formal certification from Vedika Global, the School of Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedanta founded by Acharya Shunya in 2007. Today, she teaches classes on Ayurveda lifestyle wisdom in the USA and India both, including at colleges and universities, conferences and international online summits. Ishani delivered a TedX talk on the Joy of Moderation from an Ayurvedic perspective and how to bring this idea to children through storytelling and play. 


Ishani is the author of “The Song at the Heart of the River” (Harper Collins, India, 2020), a gentle and profound story woven with classical themes of Ayurveda and nondual wisdom (Vedanta). Through subtle, nature-based analogies, the simple story telling draws children and adult readers into a deeper connection with the cosmic rhythms of nature, that is so necessary for our health and the well-being of the planet. Activities and playful exercises accompany the book for families to embody this wisdom in their lives. 


Despite receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Boston University, Ishani felt a deeper thirst that was satisfied with spiritual wisdom, as imparted to her, by her teacher, Acharya Shunya. Today, Ishani has become a light in Acharya Shunya’s global learning community in her own unique way, and Vedic wisdom has successfully anchored her at every step. 

Ishani now lives with her husband and two daughters in South India, in the city of Coimbatore. She can be reached at


Vimala Devi is a traditional Ayurveda physician known by the title Vaidya. She graduated from Vedika Global’s School of Ayurveda in 2012 as Certified Ayurveda Clinical Practitioner A.C.P (Vaidya Bhushana) after completing a 5-year program of study and clinical training. She learned in-depth
knowledge of the philosophy and science of Ayurveda along with clinical skills, understanding, diagnosing and caring for humanity in wellness and in disease. From 2015-2019 Vimala trained and graduated more than 60 students in Ayurvedic Clinical Medicine from Vedika Global’s 2.5-year Specialists Diploma in Ayurveda Prevention Medicine & Public Health.

Vaidya Vimala has studied with Acharya Shunya since 2007 and served in various capacities at Vedika Global and in the Ayurvedic community, including serving on the Board of Directors for the California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine (CAAM) for seven years, where she contributed on various committees for the promotion of Ayurveda in California. She has also traveled several times to India with Acharya Shunya, attending Ayurveda conferences, visiting Ayurveda pharmaceutical facilities, herb farms, and panchakarma centers for a first-hand experience of the living tradition of Ayurveda.

Since 2019, Vimala is in the role of assistant teacher next to Acharya Shunya in the Alchemy through Ayurveda course offered by Awakened Self Foundation. Vimala plays a central role in ensuring the success of all enrolled students by representing Acharya Shunya’s lineage teachings, and her Awakening Health Model in all its depth and expanse. She answers student questions, clarifies concepts and principles that need extra explanations over a private student community forum, and leads popular student gatherings through the monthly online classes.


Vimala became a patient of Acharya Shunya in 2006, after she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (2004). After meeting her teacher, she immediately knew studying Ayurveda was her path back to health and balance. She soon became a devoted student to both Ayurveda and to her teacher’s Vedic lineage. As her health stabilized and improved, her devotion to Ayurveda deepened. She became passionate about giving back and helping others receive what she was gifted by her teacher- the knowledge that changes lives.


Along with her devotion to Ayurveda, Vimala has over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry. She holds a master’s degree in Holistic Health Education and Nutrition from JFK University and consulted as a nutritionist and health coach prior to studying and teaching Ayurveda.


Vimala lives in the SF Bay Area with her husband and her cats and chickens. 


Aparna Amy Lewis has been a dedicated student of Acharya Shunya since 2009. She earned the title of Vaidya Bhushana, (Ayurvedic Clinical Practitioner), after completing 5 year studies from Vedika Global’s School of Ayurveda in the year 2013. Aparna's private clinical practice focuses on Ayurveda Psychology and Vedic Counseling. 

Aparna has studied Vedanta, Yoga and allied Vedic source texts under Acharya Shunya in a traditional gurukulam manner and has special affinity with the Advaitan works and commentaries of Adi Shankaracharya, including Tattva Bodha, Viveka Chudamani and the Bhagavad Gita.

Aparna has supported Acharya Shunya's mission of Empowering Health and Elevating Consciousness in many ways, both at the Awakened Self Foundation and its affiliated non-profit organization, Vedika Global, and in the larger world community.  She has served as the Dean of Acharya Shunya’s Vedic Studies Program (2014 to 2018), Facilitator of Acharya Shunya's online Global Satsang (2018-2020), and Adjunct Faculty member at both organizations (2014 - 2021).  

She has also coordinated Acharya Shunya’s community celebrations of the Goddess for over a decade, helping to develop and teach the “Honor the Goddess Within” retreat and online course. Aparna currently serves as a Board Member at Vedika Global, and Vedic Educator at Awakened Self Foundation.

Aparna has compiled, edited, and written about many of Acharya Shunya’s Ayurveda, Yoga, Vedanta, and Vedic teachings in articles, blogs, and course materials. She is currently writing a book based upon Acharya Shunya’s Vedanta teachings titled “Starting Your Spiritual Path - The Sadhana Chatushtayam”. This book highlights the Vedic Four-Fold Qualifications for Self Enquiry and supports sincere discipleship. Aparna regularly writes and moderates for the Awakened Self Foundation social media accounts.  Aparna is honored to share her teachers' message of hope and healing with the public in forums such as the Yoga Unify Ethics Council, Sedona Yoga Festival, NAMA conference, The Forest Bathing Institute (UK), Women’s Healing Conference.  

In addition to her Vedic Counseling and Educating, Aparna has over 20 years of practicing and teaching holistic healthcare including Somatic Processing, Trauma Informed Body Work, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Esalen Massage Therapy, and Reiki Energy Healing.  She currently lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband of 25 years, 2 cats and 1 dog. 


Aparna believes that there is no better goal than to know the Self, and no better gift than to have a qualified teacher to guide a seeker of truth.  In Acharya Shunya, Aparna feels she has found that teacher; in Advaita Vedanta, Jnana Yoga and Ayurveda, she found that truth; and in Karma Yoga she found the path.

She can be reached at