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16 Types of Abundance, as Outlined by Goddess Lakshmi

by Acharya Shunya

Abundance is so important in the ancient Vedic tradition, that there is an entire goddess — Goddess Lakshmi — to support us with a quest for abundance. As discussed in my previous blog, Lakshmi's core value, per-se, is the idea of self-value. We know, as the Vedas teach, that true abundance lies not only outside of us, but within us. True abundance is, as Lakshmi beckons, a sense of self-value and self-worth, which lead to inner fulfillment.

Being with the memory of this Goddess, sharing her stories, and practicing her mantras, we are able to cultivate this sensation of inner abundance. You can explore many practices and mantras to call upon Lakshmi on my YouTube channel.

As I write in my book, Roar Like A Goddess, Lakshmi teaches us that there are 16 types of abundance. You'll need to read the book to learn all of them, but they include not only physical or material wealth, but also spiritual attributes such as happy and healthy and ethical relationships, friendships, the play of children, nieces, nephews, pets, time spent in nature, enjoying sunrises, sunsets, and the canopy of green trees. On and on the Vedas go — inviting us humans to get out of our worry, and strain and suffering mentality. Through the archetype of Lakshmi, the Vedas instruct us to open our eyes and all our senses wide and receive the blessings coming to us naturally, that encompass all different types of wealth and abundance.

When we tune into this sense of blessing and abundance, we create the conditions for true spiritual fulfillment. We become aware of the small ways in which beauty and abundance is all around us, and this leads us to stop feeling as if something has been left out of our lives. We are able to become truly abundant on every level, and life begins to take on a totally new view. That sensation is what keeps us feeling whole and cared for, and overcome feelings of scarcity and lack.


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