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When & How to Evoke Goddess Lakshmi for Abundance

by Acharya Shunya

Invoking Goddess Lakshmi throughout the day will allow us to be happier, more content, and more filled with a feeling of abundance and wealth of all kinds. She teaches us the Dharma of self-love, and self compassion — her core value, per-se, is the idea of self-value. She teaches us how to be grateful for the body we have. She teaches us gratitude for our mind, which has the ability to think beautiful thoughts, and imagine beautiful ideas, images, and possibilities.

Lakshmi asks us to honor our body and mind as a temple — not to toss disgusting, toxic foods, and ideas and friendships into it. She teaches us to instead mindfully adorn the body, mind, and personality with choice ingredients, fruits, foods, and even choice friendships. To say: Choose your companions in service of your inner Lakshmi. No one should be allowed to abuse or exploit you, because our inner Lakshmi would not tolerate it (she really has high standards!). She doesn't just embody Dharma to be a "do-gooder" in the world. She embodies that Dharma of deep self-respect, self-value, and self-worth.

Because of this, it's when we are feeling scarcity of attention, wealth, and content that it is prime time to unpack her archetype. We all have moments in our lives when we tend to "abandon ourselves," perhaps by neglecting our body, our health, or our spiritual growth. Calling on Goddess Lakshmi — simply by appreciating what there is around us — is one simple way to turn up the dial on Lakshmi Shakti and grow with goddess pleasure!

By doing so, you shall find that you are becoming prosperous in many ways. Not only are you bringing your skilled focus attention to your work, but you may also notice that it becomes second nature to pay more attention to your health (including exercise and the foods you eat), but also your experience of Aishwarya, of spiritual abundance and contentment in your everyday life.

And so each day, when you adorn your body, remember her. Remember her and honor her when you pamper your body, as you dress, and as you beautify this temple you maintain. Remember her when you clean your home — you give honor to her in the way in which you decorate your surroundings, in the way you cultivate your garden, and the way you cultivate your friends and relationships.

It's actually quite simple: Each time you take a moment to appreciate and give gratitude for the small beauties of life — whether they be ones you've created, such as those listed above, or those provided to us by Mother Earth, such as sunrises, flowers, and other natural wonders — you are honoring Goddess Lakshmi.


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