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Alchemy Through Ayurveda

with Acharya Shunya

  Awaken Health In Mind, Body & Soul 

Alchemize Your Health

Alchemy is the Signature Ayurveda Self-Healing Program by Acharya Shunya who is an Ayurveda Master Teacher, Three Times Bestselling Author, Ancient Vedic Lineage Holder, Former President of the California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine (CAAM), Advisor to Government of India on International Ayurveda Affairs  and Leader of Ayurveda Education Policy at The World Ayurveda Congress.

Acharya Shunya teaches a truly unique, non-prescriptive, health-awakening model of Ayurveda. You'll learn undiluted wisdom on your body and nature's rhythms with authentic spiritual teachings from Acharya Shunya's respected lineage from India.

This program includes a beautiful blend of live and online options. Pre-recorded video teachings allow students to pace their learning on their own schedule. While monthly live online Sanghas and Sanctuaries every few months allow for live interaction with Acharya Shunya and other teachers. Starting in 2023 in-person retreats with Acharya Shunya will be available to those who opt for them.

Alchemy draws students from around the world, making study inside a diverse community, an exciting and immensely satisfying learning experience.

Rolling Admissions 

Award Winning Course 

Qualified Teachers

Activates Health Every Single Time

More Than 1000 Satisfied Participants

Greetings and Namaste! ​

Beautiful Seeker of True Health,
Health is Your Birthright. Health is your natural state of being and this course  can help you return to this state, all naturally. If you are feeling physically or emotionally challenged, I invite you to reimagine health and wellbeing through the lens of authentic Ayurveda teachings.  While there are many versions of  diluted, new-age Ayurveda offerings, I use only classical and deeply spiritual teachings. 

My classical teachings are rooted in the sacred spiritual Vedic roots of Ayurveda. They include a deference to the written Sanskrit  texts and the oral tradition of Ayurveda. You will learn traditional healing recipes, lifestyle practices that evoke self-love and self-care and rare insights on embodying the dharma  of Ayurveda, which supports  the healing of the  psyche and emergence of health.

Putting the same model into practice, I have not only fully healed myself from an immune/genetic disorder that had once put me in the wheelchair,  I have become a conduit of activating and  igniting healing in so many students over the last two decauses, worldwide,  that I have lost count.  Today, I not only walk with ease, I  run with glee. And my Alchemy students, dealing with all kind of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges are similarly walking away free, happy and healed! I invite you to read the many testimonials and stories of success  reflected here.

If you were to sign up for Alchemy with me,  you too are indicating to our super intelligent and divine universe, that you are ready to awaken health from deep inside you, and are ready to learn the art of eating right, thinking right, and loving yourself right, to become vital, vibrant, happy and whole again! 

With Love,
Acharya Shunya

Sunrise on Nature

What Sets This Course Apart


This Course will Awaken Your Innate Health & Wellbeing - Versus Teach You to Fight Disease

Ayurveda is promoted as a holistic system of defeating disease. However, if we simply replace physician prescriptions with natural herbs, the disempowering ‘disease mindset’ will not be remedied. Most Ayurveda programs today feed into this  self-defeating ‘prescriptive’ paradigm.


I have designed a truly unique health-awakening course. This course is a guided journey from darkness to light. It is a rite of transition from a life lived unconsciously at the mercy of unexamined habits or dependency upon dysfunctional relationship to food or toxic people to the reclaiming of a truly healthy and happy life, achieved through Ayurveda’s self-healing knowledge and awakened living.


This Course Unfolds A Forgotten Teaching on Mental Health from the 1st Century Text, Charaka Samhita

Most Ayurveda programs worldwide provide little to no reference to Ayurvedic psychology and spiritual laws that influence our health. In this course, I share  the forgotten teachings and practices from Ayurveda scriptures,  that not only calm the mind but also help overcome trauma and its impact on physical health. Through these rare but deeply effective teachings, you will experience psychological fulfillment in all aspects of your life, including interpersonal and professional.  Being in a state of good health, peace and inner contentment will translate for you as a healthy nervous system, improved immunity, calm mind and healthy body.

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Read transformation stories from Acharya Shunya's students

Read testimonials submitted by students from all over the world

View a photo collection of Acharya Shunya and her students

This Course is Guided by A Lineage of Seers 


 I come from a lineage of Vedic scholars and teachers extending back in an unbroken succession in ancient India. Thanks to the unique cultural roots of my family, which \belongs to a 2000--year old Vedic lineage from holy city of Ayodhya in  India, ever since I was born, I have been immersed in the living wisdom and practices of classical Ayurveda. I was fortunate that my grandfather Baba Ayodhya Nath was not only a great  master of Vedic and Yogic spirituality, Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads, but he was also a famous, deeply  caring and altruistic minded Ayurvedic healer in the heartland of India. He was himself the son of a great healer saint, my great grandfather.


My Guru imparted me his  entire knowledge in the traditional system of education called Gurukulam Parampara (master to disciple mentoring and training methodology of traditional education), along with his blessings that I will heal, whoever cares enough to sit down with me with leisure and  study with me,  the divine science of Ayurveda.

Food Is A Big Focus In This Course

Reclaim Health With Every Bite

According to an ancient Ayurvedic proverb: “When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.”


In Ayurveda, food is considered the best medicine. Indeed, food cooked in the right season, with the right spices, and served with a blessing makes all the difference in your health. Any cuisine can be transformed from a mundane meal to a sublime and healing experience if Ayurveda’s universal rules are used in its preparation.


That is why in this course, you will enjoy learning all about healing food in minute detail and understand what to eat, what not to eat, how to cook and choose the right spices and recipes - for you specifically. You will befriend Ayurvedic superfoods and healing elixirs that will boost your immunity and overall health, while delighting your taste buds.

Chef Sanjai - Drumstick and Coconout Curry (1).jpg

This Course Corrects Myths and Incorrect Practices Surrounding Diluted Ayurveda Teachings

Most non-classical Ayurveda programs teach students to determine their prakriti or dosha-constitution, and impart tools to keep this constitution in balance. This is an incorrect approach. This course teaches participants to deeply understand their vikriti or state of imbalance first, and then learn tools to balance the vikriti.


The Ayurvedic concept of nutrition is limited to dosha-pacifying food lists today. These lists are a direct representation of diluted Ayurveda. This course provides exhaustive information on food groups–dairy, meats, vegetables, nuts, etc. You will feel confident in putting together your highly personalized list that changes by age, season, etc.


Read transformation stories from Acharya Shunya's students

Read testimonials submitted by students from all over the world

View a photo collection of Acharya Shunya and her students

This Course Incorporates Spiritual Teachings from the Sister Sciences of Yoga and Vedanta


Ayurveda was traditionally taught in ancient India in parallel with the philosophical teachings of Yoga and Vedanta from the Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita. Topics such as “Dharma or Ethics for Health,” will be taught from the Charaka Samhita, the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.


This is the first course in the world that will not only give lip-service to the sister sciences of Ayurveda but provide this deep level of integration for application in daily life for health. This is why, along with dosha management and lifestyle practices, you will learn spiritual affirmations, non-dual meditations, mantras and dharma insights that will fill you with health-evoking clarity, power, light and joy.

This Course Compliments Acharya Shunya's Bestselling Book: Ayurveda Lifestyle wisdom


When Acharya Shunya wrote and released Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom in 2017 (published by SoundTrue). It quickly went on to become a classic in Ayurvedic Medicine. It not only remained No. 1 Bestseller in Ayurveda on Amazon for several months, it was also nominated amongst Top-Ten Books in Alternative Medicine by Health Line. This book has since then served as the curriculum for several Ayurveda programs around the world including  Phoenix Rising Yoga School of Ayurveda, Loyola Marymount University, Ayurveda Course, etc.


This same book is a great resource in Alchemy, and yet. details not shared in the book by Acharya Shunya, are shared in the Alchemy course by her. 

With international fans of the book_v1_edited.jpg

Meet Your Teacher

Acharya Shunya- Co-presenting with David Frawley at her wisdom school_edited.jpg

Acharya Shunya is a globally-recognized pioneer of Ayurveda, healer, best-selling author and teacher of an alchemically potent, spiritually
and psychologically rooted, ‘awakening health model’ of Ayurveda, that is deeply embedded in the ancient Vedic traditions of healing the whole person inside out.

Through her award-winning Alchemy with Ayurveda online course, Ayurveda seminars and bestselling book Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom (Sounds True, 2017), Acharya Shunya awakens an unprecedented level of health and wellbeing in seekers worldwide, changing lives, enabling health where mainstream doctors had given up hope.

Meet Additional Teachers

this is vimala - ayurveda teaching assis

Take a Photo Journey Through
Alchemny Through Ayurveda 

If You Sign Up Today You will  Receive​

Lifetime access to the Alchemy Through Ayurveda Course

  • 80 hours of in-depth Ayurveda training taught by Acharya Shunya - based on her Awakening Health Model

  • Two bonus courses taught by Acharya Shunya (over 40 hours)

    • Yoga Sutras: A Roadmap to Self Mastery based on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras​

    • The Ancestral Herbal Library: a compendium of detailed teachings on 20+ Ayurveda herbs and super-foods (with recipes and demos)  

Twelve months access to Interactive Alchemy:

  • Quarterly LIVE Ayurveda Sanctuary’s with Acharya Shunya (12 hours). In these classes Acharya Shunya takes a deep dive into a health topic.​

  • Monthly LIVE Learner’s Sanghas with Acharya Shunya and course teachers (24 hours). These are two hour sessions to support Q&A, seasonal teachings such as spring detox and live community shares.


  • Acquire in-depth knowledge of vegetables, fruits, dairy, meats, nuts and spices, herbs, garden and home remedies, so that you can make informed choices, personalized to your dosha, season, and health challenges.


  • An online searchable Q&A repository of over 400 questions asked by students.       

  • Access to our online community forum with other Alchemy students from different parts of the world, helping foster connections and a vibrant learning community for enrolled students.

With these teachings you will receive….

  • Detailed daily practices (dinacharya), seasonal guidelines (ritucharya) and food guidelines (aahar) that you can incorporate in your daily routine to immediately experience balance with nature, health and wellbeing

  • Rare and beautiful lineage-based Ayurvedic psychology classes that are said to end emotional suffering and empower the mind at every step.

  • Delicious and nourishing recipes from Ayurvedic Chef Sanjai picked straight from ancient texts.

  • Beautiful Sanskrit mantras to support your journey of self-healing.

Deepen Your Knowledge With Lifetime Access to 2 Bonus Courses

Ayurveda Ancestral Herbal Library ($550 value)

  • Included are 18 videos on different spices, herbs and flowers

  • In-depth knowledge of their properties, home remedies and recipes

  • Tips to grow them in your own backyard or porch

  • Downloadable PDF recipes

  • Receive NAMA and PACE credits

Yoga Sutras: A Roadmap to Self-Mastery Masterclass ($150 value)

  • Acharya Shunya presents a Masterclass on Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. 

  • Prior experience not required.


100% Online


Hands Red

30-Day Money Back Guarantee







Lifetime Access


Monthly LIVE Interaction

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$1999 One time payment

Available Payment Plans


Explore the plans above and choose the one that works best for you.

We have a 100% money back guarantee. 

We want you to be happy and fulfilled by this course. If you buy this course and aren't satisfied, email us within 30 days of your purchase and we'll refund your money or you can opt for credit. 

$699 for 3 months

$199 for 12 months


Invest in Yourself
Invest in Your Health

Book a Clarifying Call 

If you’re interested in the Alchemy Through Ayurveda Course but not sure if it’s right for you, or you just have questions, and would simply like to talk to a warm human being who has been through this journey themselves, schedule a call with  our Program Specialist Lakshmi Tracy Cunningham, who is not only a senior graduate of this program, but also a guest  teacher in this course. 


Don't worry. We'll figure it out together


Read transformation stories from Acharya Shunya's students

Read testimonials submitted by students from all over the world

View a photo collection of Acharya Shunya and her students


Don't Miss This Opportunity

to Alchemize Your Health

 Change Your Destiny

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