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Shakti Soma -
A Day by Day Goddess Retreat Guidebook

  • As the head of an ancient Vedic lineage from Northern India, I grew up in a proud Hindu family that has revered God as Divine Mother for the last 2,000 years. From my guru, I learned not only the ancient goddess mythology, but also the deeper meaning behind goddess symbolism that connects this dimension with our own higher Self.

    I turn to these goddess archetypes to draw meaningful inspiration to lead my life fearlessly, inspired and wise, just like The Goddesses. The more time I spend contemplating and meditating on The Goddesses, the more my inner spiritual strengths are activated. I have been imparting these teachings to countless numbers of thankful students over the last decade. I am now convinced that anybody and everybody can benefit from The Goddesses.

    In this book, I am confident that my own unconventional, yet deeply intimate relationship with the Goddess will inspire you to connect with The Goddess, who lives inside you too as your own higher Self.​​

Profound Love,
Acharya Shunya

Global Satsang Calendar 2020 - Acharya S
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