Sacred Body, Sacred Herbs

Acharya Shunya's online retreat

With guest teachers, performers and like-minded global seekers


Saturday, July 17th, 2021

9 am to 4pm PST on Zoom

Acharya Shunya invites you to shine with Ayurveda and Yoga this summer! Foster deeper health and connection to Nature with

exciting practices to feel joyfully alive, in all your power and abundance.


Curious how Ayurveda can lead you to a mind, body and soul transformation? 

Learn more at Acharya Shunya's Wisdom School
Open House on July 17th from 12 -1pm PST.

This retreat will be recorded and made available to all attendees,

including those who are unable to attend live.


Worldwide, Ayurveda is promoted as a holistic system of defeating disease. However, if we simply replace synthetic drugs with natural herbs, the disempowering ‘disease mindset’ will not be replaced. Most Ayurveda teachings today feed into this self-defeating ‘prescriptive’ mindset.

Acharya Shunya teaches a truly unique, non-prescriptive, health-awakening model of Ayurveda. You'll learn undiluted wisdom on your body and nature's rhythms with authentic spiritual teachings from Acharya Shunya's respected lineage from Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India.
Reclaim a truly healthy and happy life, achieved with the aid of awakened knowledge and awakened living, not simply popping herbs and drinking herbal teas!



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