Sacred Body, Sacred Herbs

Acharya Shunya's online retreat

With guest teachers, performers and like-minded global seekers


Saturday, July 17th, 2021

9 am to 4pm PST on Zoom

Acharya Shunya invites you to shine with Ayurveda and Yoga this summer! Foster deeper health and connection to Nature with

exciting practices to feel joyfully alive, in all your power and abundance.


Curious how Ayurveda can lead you to a mind, body and soul transformation? 

Learn more at Acharya Shunya's Wisdom School
Open House on July 17th from 12 -1pm PST.

This retreat will be recorded and made available to all attendees,

including those who are unable to attend live.


Worldwide, Ayurveda is promoted as a holistic system of defeating disease. However, if we simply replace synthetic drugs with natural herbs, the disempowering ‘disease mindset’ will not be replaced. Most Ayurveda teachings today feed into this self-defeating ‘prescriptive’ mindset.

Acharya Shunya teaches a truly unique, non-prescriptive, health-awakening model of Ayurveda. You'll learn undiluted wisdom on your body and nature's rhythms with authentic spiritual teachings from Acharya Shunya's respected lineage from Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India.
Reclaim a truly healthy and happy life, achieved with the aid of awakened knowledge and awakened living, not simply popping herbs and drinking herbal teas!



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Ayurveda Wisdom

Meditation Bliss

Yoga Practice


Team Building

Heartfelt Shares

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Acharya Shunya

Acharya Shunya is a globally-recognized expert of classical Ayurveda, anchored in its Vedic spiritual roots from India.


As a scholar, healer, best-selling author and teacher of a powerful, experiential, alchemically-alive, community-based, spiritually and psychologically rooted, ‘awakening health model’ of Ayurveda, Acharya Shunya enables the healing of the whole person, including the mind, body, soul and relationships, in contrast to the more recent trend of de-spiritualizing Ayurveda.

In this retreat, she will lead transformative contemplations, share sacred wisdom from her 2,000-year-old lineage, celebrate the healing power of herbs and more.

Acharya Shunya’s best-selling book, Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom, was acclaimed as a top 10 book for Alternative Medicine by Healthline Networks and applauded by Thrive Global, Huffington Post, Yoga Journal & MindBodyGreen. 

She has the rare honor bestowed by the Government of India to advise them in an ongoing manner on matters of global integration and cultivation of Ayurveda and Yoga. 


Acharya Shunya has been honored by the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS)  with the  Haridas and Bina Chaudhuri Award for Distinguished Service (2016).  The Association of Ayurveda Professionals of North America bequeathed her in 2010 with the Nalanda Award for Excellence in Ayurvedic Education.

Read more about Acharya Shunya

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David Crow

David Crow, L.Ac., has been a clinician, consultant, researcher and educator for over 35 years. He is a California state licensed acupuncturist and certified by the National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. As an educator he has taught extensively for over two decades in the US and Canada, and online internationally. He has travelled extensively to study traditional medicinal systems, including spending several years in Nepal and India studying Tibetan and Ayurvedic medicine.


He is the author of four books, including In Search of the Medicine Buddha, about his time with traditional doctors in the Himalayas, and Sacred Smoke, about his ethnobotanical research in Ecuador.  He is the founder and owner of Floracopeia, a company devoted to supporting sustainable ecological agriculture through the production of essential oils.

Read more about David Crow.

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Sandra Summerfield Kozak

Sandra Summerfield Kozak M.S. E-RYT® 500, YACEP® is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher who has been studying and teaching yoga full time for 45 years.  Sandra is currently the Director of International Yoga Studies, an internationally affirmed teacher certification program and the President of Light Transitions Tapes. Sandra has served as Vice President of both Unity in Yoga International and the World Yoga Union. In national newspapers and magazines, she has been called a modern day yoga master.


Sandra is the author of Yoga For Your Type along with David Frawley (Lotus Press 2000).  She is the creator of BreathSounds CD’s also through Lotus Press (2003) and the author of Forgiveness: The Yogic Path To Happiness, as well as numerous articles on yoga therapy and technique.  

Read more about Sandra.

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Wah! is a world renowned musician bringing healing through sound and the teachings of yoga. She has been working in the field of personal development for over 25 years, with published books on yoga and healing. She has lectured at Princeton University, Loyola Marymount University, performed with Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and taught at Omega Institute and 1440 Multiversity. Wah! uses her deep understanding of music and healing to create profound and transformative events.

The first female to bring kirtan music [call-and-response chanting from India] to the West in the 1990’s, Wah! has been playing bass guitar with her wildly joyful rock band at yoga festivals and centers around the U.S. since 1997. She has also consistently offered music and albums to the therapeutic market; her Savasana CDs have sold over 100,000 copies worldwide.

Read more about Wah!


Lakshmi Tracy Cunningham

Lakshmi Tracy Cunningham is a Vedika Global certified Ayurveda Health Practitioner and has studied with Acharya Shunya since 2011. She feels inspired to bring Ayurveda's holistic teachings into communities that may not have ever heard of, or experienced, all of the profound mind, body, and spirit healing power of Ayurveda.

Lakshmi feels deeply grateful to Acharya Shunya for helping her transform years of severe hives and other ailments and holds a profound sense of self-acceptance and mental peace and clarity after hearing Acharya Shunya’s teachings. She presents guest teachings in Ayurveda beauty and skincare regimens, as well as Ayurveda lifestyle. Formerly the Director of Vedika Global’s Sunday Sangha program, she currently serves in the role of Admissions Counsellor for the Alchemy through Ayurveda Course.

Read more about Lakshmi.


Ayurveda Wisdom


Yoga Practice

Gardening Wisdom

David Crow, who rarely teaches outside of the Shift network, will offer specific teachings requested by Acharya Shunya around the sacredness of botanicals, including how to combine herbs and essential oils with simple contemplations to deepen your appreciation of nature. He will also open up for Q+A. 


Wah! will offer us a live uplifting kirtan and healing sounds. 

Sandra Summerfield Kozak will help you discover a Yoga practice for reducing excess vata, which you'll learn more about, with Sandra Kozak, the first author on Ayurvedic Yoga in America.

Lakshmi Tracy Cunningham will explore planting, tending and praying with medicinal herbs in our gardens, namely Marigold and Tulsi.


Refund available if cancelled within one week of purchase date.