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Ayurvedic Strategies for
Immunity & Stress-Relief eBook

Two thousand years ago, Ayurveda master Sage Charaka declared that humanity is on such a trajectory that pandemics cannot be ruled out.

“The root cause of the derangement of seasons is loss of dharma or ethical behavior. If dharma is lost, over time, the

seasons will get disrupted, rivers will become violent and change course, meteorites will appear frequently, earthquakes

will shake the terrain, and in this natural and human created mayhem, diseases and disease-causing agents will thrive

and multiply, and cause mass scale destruction of all living beings.” –Charaka Samhita, 2 BC

However, Sage Charaka does not merely deliver the bad news. We can use Ayurveda’s 5000-year old principles to work on the host immunity, and thereby, be better prepared for the pandemic facing us in 2020.

In this FREE 14-page eBook, you’ll learn 3 strategies to ensure your immunity is at its very best and your stress levels stay low using the wisdom of Ayurveda.


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