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Next Course Begins:
Wed, July 5, 2023 
  • Soulful Transmissions by Acharya Shunya shall be held live online on 4 consecutive Wednesdays from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM PST. Class dates - 7/5, 7/12, 7/19, 7/26                                                               
  • Assimilation Circle with Assistant teacher shall be held live online on 4 consecutive Mondays, from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM PST. Class dates - 7/10, 7/17, 7/24, 2/31                                                            
  • Last day of course - Monday, July 31st
Reprogram Your  Consciousness to Welcome Wealth and Abundance
This course is for women who are looking for a goddess blessed perspective on what changes they should make in their own attitude and subconscious beliefs,  to achieve more abundance, wealth and material fulfillment in life. The Vedic wisdom  that Acharya Shunya imparts, is perhaps the world's first and exclusive spiritual tradition that doesn't frown on wealth (as an obstruction on the path of spirituality), but in fact, seriously recommends it, and declares wealth as a  goal every embodied soul must pursue, albeit, this pursuit is in alignment with the laws of the cosmos known as 'dharma'.

If you are ready to connect your desire for wealth and abundance with these mystical laws that influence and predict your material status on planet earth, then, this course will bring you in alignment with greater prosperity. You can work with the universe going forward, and not against it, to enhance your material welfare, with greater ease and grace.

Become an Abundant Goddess
If you are someone who is suffering from an over emphasised need for security to the point of obstructing your abundance, then, this course will especially help you heal your wounds, reprogram your mind, and connect your consciousness directly with the Goddess of Wealth - Lakshmi! Soon you will realize that wealth is  a way of being like a goddess, an expression of your divine state of mind, and your connection with wealth and abundance is ultimately an energy that is feminine in nature and each one of us, depending on our relationship with the Goddess within, can attract or repel this energy. Through this course, you can learn all of the ways to attract and not repel this blessing from Lakshmi. That is why every lesson by Acharya Shunya includes a teaching followed by a potentializing meditation to connect you to Goddess Lakshmi!  Teachings include wealth and abundance enhancing mantra and mudra (yogic hand gesture) that shall aid the healing of consciousness, from surviving to thriving!

Experience a Traditional Lakshmi Puja
Lakshmi is the Vedic goddess of Wealth and Abundance of every kind - a mystical goddess awakening and   honoring ceremony with accompanying chants, led by Acharya Shunya herself shall be made available online, exclusively for the workshop participants. Participating in this ceremony can potentially transform your wealth karma in this lifetime, for the better, forever. When we remember our ancient connections to the Goddess, and  renew the accompanying sacred threads of recognition, we can experience a mystical rebirth of sorts, with all new relationship karma, accompanying this new beginning!
  • Weekly lessons from Acharya Shunya over a period of 4 consecutive weeks.
  • Classes and contemplation circles led by assistant teachers that also run over a period of 4 consecutive weeks.
  • A library of  Goddess meditations and practices to help you connect with the Goddess, when not in class
  • Downloadable worksheets to take your learning further
  • A private online community to get and give support and joy to like-minded fellow seekers
  • Lessons include exclusive goddess ceremonies, meditations, mantra, and mudra guidance.

Roaring Abundance & Wealth


We will be happy to honor any cancellation requests to within 10 days from the purchase date

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