Ishani Lauren Naidu

Ishani Lauren Naidu is a respected spiritual educator inside Acharya Shunya’s ancient Vedic lineage, who has been awarded the honorific title ”Vidushi” by Acharya Shunya, which means “woman of wisdom” in Sanskrit. This title is earned only by the most earnest students of the Vedas, when they are ready to give back to the world, the fund of knowledge they have received, from their teacher.


Ishani immersed herself in the Vedic path and quest for the true Self under her teacher, Vedic Scholar and renowned spiritual teacher Acharya Shunya’s guidance, via a deeply held, one on one mentoring and grooming process, and study of source texts that lasted for an uninterrupted period of 12-years. In the process, Ishani uncovered hidden facets of human psychology, from original Vedic source texts such as the Bhagavad Gita, the Charaka Samhita, and the Yoga Sutras by Pattanjali. She learned about the spirit's journey from classical non-dual texts such as the Tattva Bodha, Sadhana Panchakam, and Viveka Chudamani. Her study included Yoga for Atmabodha training and meditation from Acharya Shunya’s lineage, Gayatri mantra based meditation and spiritual practices, and daily sadhana of meditation and a commitment to lead a contemplative dharma-based way of life. 


Alongside her spiritually steeped scriptural studies in Vedic spirituality, Ishani gained formal certification from Vedika Global, the School of Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedanta founded by Acharya Shunya in 2007. Today, she teaches classes on Ayurveda lifestyle wisdom in the USA and India both, including at colleges and universities, conferences and international online summits.  


Most recently, Ishani is serving in the capacity of a second teacher in the newly launched digital course: The Sovereign Self Paradigm, an initiative of Awakened Self Foundation, the new learning platform launched by Acharya Shunya in 2019. This course is a consciousness shifting online program, guiding modern seekers through their everyday challenges with timeless Vedic wisdom. 


Ishani is the author of “The Song at the Heart of the River” (Harper Collins, India, 2020), a gentle and profound story woven with classical themes of Ayurveda and nondual wisdom (Vedanta). In her writings, through subtle, nature-based analogies, children and adults alike resonate with universal messages about the happiness and health of moderation and the joy and power of recognizing the divine light in our own hearts. Activity pages offer children playful explorations of holistic wellbeing of body, mind and soul using ancient wisdom.The deeper message, implicit in the simple story telling, draws the adult readers into the deep connection with the cosmic rhymes of nature, that is so necessary for our health and the well-being of the planet.


Despite receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Boston University, Ishani felt a deeper thirst that was satisfied with spiritual wisdom, as imparted to her, by her teacher, Acharya Shunya. Today, Ishani has become a light in Acharya Shunya’s global learning community in her own unique way, and Vedic wisdom has successfully anchored her at every step. 


Ishani now lives with her husband Ragav, daughters Amaya and Sahana in South India, in the beautiful city of Coimbatore. She can be reached at

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