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Honor the Goddess Within

October 6th - 14th, 2021
9 Days and 9 Nights Online
Goddess Retreat

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Honor the Goddess with Acharya Shunya

You are invited to experience a very special mystical journey to your  inner Goddess. Join Master Spiritual Teacher Acharya Shunya, as she  guides you to your own inner divine feminine power. 


Over the course of 9 Days & 9 Nights, through multiple daily live online sessions, Acharya Shunya will introduce you to 9 goddesses representing powerful aspects of higher consciousness. She will teach you to understand the goddess symbolism and embrace the best of each of them in your own life.

This annual retreat has previously only been available to Acharya Shunya's private circle of spiritual seekers.  This year, in this extraordinary time of global change, the world needs this deep inner Goddess connection more than ever.   It is Acharya Shunya's sincere belief that anybody and everybody can benefit from the goddesses.  You are invited to join us for the first public Honor the Goddess Within online retreat. All in the comfort of your own home.

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Experience The Goddess

Acharya Shunya's Goddess teachings touch the heart of all beings yearning for spiritual wholeness. This retreat will restore hope and courage to your heart by helping you connect with, and honor, the Goddess within.  You will feel supported from within, and held from outside at the same time.


If you are tired of engaging in the same patterns in your life and you are ready to make internal shifts, and allow more divine love, spiritual abundance and happiness into your heart, you will appreciate this transformative retreat.


Over the course of 9 Days & 9 Nights, you will mindfully connect to your highest Self, who is one with the Goddess, with the support of daily sacred practices, meditations, contemplations, ayurvedic foods, chanting, and community gatherings.  And the experience doesn't end after 9 days! With lifetime access to digital recordings, you can return to these goddess teachings again and again, to shine more and more from within.


Who Is the Goddess?

The Vedas tell us how to connect with the Goddess within. SHE is known as Shakti. She has myriad manifestions known as Durga, Lakshmi, and Sarasvati. 


Shakti can be described as Power, Force and Feminine Energy. She is the life force of everything and everyone. During the 9 Day & 9 Night Honor the Goddess Within retreat, we contemplate upon and connect with 9 forms or avatars of Shakti.


When Goddess Shakti is recalled in the mind, hidden spiritual vibrations become activated in our body-being.  The Goddess nurtures and protects, and when we focus on Her, we unlock our own divine potential. This will inspire our inner strength to rise against all challenges, unearth buried creativity, and unleash emotional resilience. 


By participating in this 9 Day & 9 Night retreat, you can happily anticipate meeting you inner Goddess, and experiencing inner grace.


Goddess Inspired Benefits

Acharya Shunya has been leading Goddess Retreats for over a decade.  We are delighted to share that past participants have experienced many divinely inspired benefits from this retreat.

Participants report many powerful shifts in their life. From stepping into their true power, dropping into their heart, and feeling previously hidden self-love, seekers have experienced lasting change.


Participants share they have been able to release past trauma and reclaim their self-esteem. They have "detoxified" from negative emotions,  changed poor habits, and even dropped addictions.

This powerful retreat also improves patterns of communication and helps seekers enjoy renewed relationships with self and others.

After this retreat, you will have all the tools you need to make a personal powerful transformation to shine like the Goddess within.

 Experience Your Goddess Potential

Through a 9 Day & 9 Night
Guided Journey With Acharya Shunya.
daily goddess flow - retreat schedule

Early Morning Goddess Talks With Acharya Shunya

6:30 am PST

Live Audio Session


Contemplation Circle with Assistant Teacher

3:00pm PST

     Live Webinar 

Evening Community Time- Kirtan, Stories, Shares

7:00pm PST

Live Webinar

Nightly Meditations & Practices With Acharya Shunya

9:00 pm PST

Live Webinar


Your Retreat Guide & Gifts Await You

We have deliberately designed this retreat in such a way that from dawn to bedtime, you can connect with the subtle, powerful, and transformative Goddess teachings by Acharya Shunya in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, in your own way, as much or as little as you would like, from anywhere in the world.

Here's a quick glance at what you can expect during this retreat.

  • Daily LIVE global online sessions - 4 per day, 36 total live sessions

  • Day-by-Day Goddess Retreat Guidebook written exclusively for retreat participants by Acharya Shunya.  This book features sacred commentary, traditional goddess symbolism, contemplations, chants, mantras, yogic practices, and much more

  • Goddess yoga, mudras, mantras guidance provided by Acharya Shunya

  • Delicious and soothing Ayurvedic recipes by Acharya Shunya's life partner and renowned master, Chef Sanjai,  will support your joyful journey to the inner goddess

  • Daily messages evoking your inner goddess will arrive in your inbox, along with contemplations, practices & other retreat resources

  • Private Facebook Group for sharing and creative expressions

  • Lifetime access to recordings of all LIVE Events to keep your inner goddess powerful and radiant

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Graced By the Goddess Within - Participant Shares


Vimala B.

Listening to Acharya Shunya's teachings on the nine goddesses of Navratri was like a lullaby inviting me into the deeply powerful and enchanting world of the divine feminine. As she described the attributes, aspects and challenges of each goddess they came to life for me in a way that willed me to stop struggling, and surrender to their strength and beauty. Over these days I began to recognize and look for these goddess qualities within myself. 

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Manju B.

With Acharya Shunya's teachings, the nine forms of Durga emerged in 9 days for us to embrace the significance of them in our modern lives, our souls and our very being. As her stories unfolded the essence of the goddesses, the Goddess in me was invoked, their presence felt and their essence embodied my soul. 


Mara C.

Working with Acharya Shunya's teachings about the goddesses has helped me to access that memory of who I truly am. As I explore each goddess I am able to recognize and remember that I possess the qualities and wisdom of each and every one of them. I remember that I am able to live my everyday life from that inspired and powerful place.

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Janya A.

Acharya Shunya’s goddess teachings over the years have connected me more deeply with mother energy. My mother was unable to parent me and my sister in a deep way due to physical and mental illnesses. By learning and embracing the universal Mother through Acharya’s teachings, I was able to heal losses and receive all the love my own mama was able to give.


Tom S.

While chanting the Lakshmi mantra,  I had a spontaneous burst of gratitude (and tears)... and a powerful healing and awakening to joy followed. I’ve been feeling the gentle and loving (mothering) support of the Goddess all day. Thank You Acharya Shunya for continuing to shine the light for us.


Ozlem T.

Goddess teachings of Acharya Shunya revealed to me the many dormant dimensions of my True Self. Through each goddess, I was able to see a creative expression or manifestation of my ever still and luminous Divine Self. This truly helped me to live a fuller life with more courage and resilience.


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